The TeamDNA motivational programme typically starts shortly before the event. Delegates are asked to complete a simple online psychometric profile: this produces a 20+ page report of their personal temperament, together with the implications this has for building better relationships.

During the event our interactive session will explain the fundamentals of temperament in a presentation format that deliberately sets out to entertain as well as inform. The intention is to turn on a light of understanding for each member of the audience - even those who may have been through similar experiences before.

Our professional presenters and behaviour experts will then illustrate how this new learning can be applied in real-life situations faced by members of the audience. The objective is to motivate individuals and teams to make changes immediately - and be prepared for the continued change characteristic of a dynamic and collaborative working culture.

Another regular component of the 1-day programme is the Collaborative Healthcheck TM. This is designed to assess areas for improvement and change within a team, and create specific training that is relevant to the audience.

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